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Table 3 Capability, opportunity, motivation-behaviour (COM-B) assessment of community pharmacists in mental health care

From: A theory-informed approach to mental health care capacity building for pharmacists

COM-B assessment Examples for community pharmacy-based mental health care
      • Psychological and physical ability Pharmacists can improve knowledge regarding current therapeutics and condition-specific knowledge for mental illnesses.
      • Reflective Pharmacists do not always recognize that people with lived experience of mental illness are not receiving the same level of service, or at times, require a higher level of service in keeping with the principle of vertical equity.
      • Automatic
Most pharmacists intend to provide services in keeping with standards of practice.
Pharmacist do not always plan to offer additional services to people with lived experience of mental illness.
      • Physical and social environment Stigma is still a factor in community pharmacy setting within pharmacy staff that impacts care of those with mental illness.
  Barriers such as limited time, resources (including staff), and physical space limitations (e.g., lack of private area for discussion) are prevalent.