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Table 1 Psychiatric diagnoses, self-reported substance use and duration of treatment in ACT

From: Engagement in assertive community treatment as experienced by recovering clients with severe mental illness and concurrent substance use

Participant Age Psychiatric diagnosis (ICD-10) Self-reported substance use Duration of treatment in ACT (months)
P1 42 Hebefrenic schizophrenia Alcohol, cannabis 30
P2 46 Paranoid schizophrenia Cannabis 28
P3 27 Undifferential schizophrenia Amphetamine, cocaine, cannabis 30
P4 32 Paranoid schizophrenia Alcohol, cannabis 17
P5 34 Paranoid schizophrenia Amphetamine, cannabis 19
P6 33 Paranoid schizophrenia Amphetamine, cannabis 14
P7 30 Paranoid schizophrenia Amphetamine, cannabis 21
P8 39 Residual schizophrenia Alcohol 22
P9 42 Bipolar affective disorder Amphetamine, cannabis 20
P10 38 Psychosis with delusions Amphetamine 20
P11 63 Paranoid psychosis/delusions Prescription drugs 19