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Table 3 Mental Health Policy Group key recommendations

From: The development of mental health services within primary care in India: learning from oral history

Area of recommendation Summary of recommendations*
Programme management Ensure a clear structure for funding, management and coordination of teams at central, state and district levels. Promote intra- and inter-sectoral collaborations.
Community involvement Improve accountability and local ownership of the DMHP. Promote more participation of NGO/private sector.
Technical support Provide an overarching technical support and advisory group (TSAG) for all the States which will provide mentoring to districts to help with implementation difficulties.
Revitalising human resources: Provide technical and quality inputs to increase the number of specialist resources (through relaxing educational requirements). Introduce a new cadre, a community mental health worker to identify, treat, provide basic counselling, and help access social benefits. Improve training.
Ensure quality of care is provided Improve systems for monitoring, evaluation, operational research, a mental health information system, adequate supply of medicines, continuity of care in the community, user/carer involvement in decision making.
Incorporate life skills education and improve current preventative and promotive services Create collaborations with other concerned departments (such as education).
Extend services to urban areas Include the provision of a community mental health worker.
  1. *Based on recommendations provided in reference [69].