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Table 5 Consumers’ challenges experienced at the start of, during, or after their undertaking of the SPS service

From: A qualitative exploration of the recovery experiences of consumers who had undertaken shared management, person-centred and self-directed services

Aspect of life Challenges reported at the start of the SPS service Change experienced during and/or at the end of the SPS service
Behavioural Self-isolating, unhelpful, and/or avoidance behaviour Unhelpful behaviour was managed better and/or reduced, and helpful behavior was increased
Health Consistent worry and/or having to manage negative impacts of physical/mental health issues and/or medication Improved physical/mental health problems from better management and/or perspectives
Emotional and/or cognitive Constant experience of few or many negative emotions (e.g., worry, anxiety, fear, stress, distrust, hopelessness, helplessness, shame and guilt, worthlessness, living without hope/direction, poor self-esteem or confidence, sadness, demotivation, and powerlessness) Improved attitudes and emotions from gaining a more positive outlook and/or emotions about ‘the self’, significant others and/or their future
Resources Had little/no adequate financial resources. This included limited access to resources to engage social activities, pay bills and fees, and support their family needs. This also included limited opportunity to improve assets, work in jobs that paid adequately and/or met the lifestyle needs Engaged services to develop skills, knowledge and/or ‘the self’, acquired resources that optimised their chance to work towards and/or attain satisfying and/or adequately paid work, and/or welcomed new opportunities to grow and develop personally and encounter positive experiences
Social and relationship Wanted to improve their quality of life and/or relationships with the family, enhance friendships with existing and/or new people, and expand connections with the community Improved relationships with family, familiar others, and the community, and encountered positive experiences from stronger connections thatbroadened their networks
Independence Wanted to increase their independence, freedom, control, and choices, and decrease reliance on others and/or services Gained a sense of empowerment, strength, control, and increased self-confidence and belief