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Table 4 Consumers’ life experiences in childhood and/or adulthood prior to involvement in the SPS service

From: A qualitative exploration of the recovery experiences of consumers who had undertaken shared management, person-centred and self-directed services

Life experiences Percentage of 16 consumers
Overall challenges as a child: abuse; neglect; loss of parent (e.g., death and/or marital separation); loss of a sibling (e.g., death, marital separation, rejected from home or institutionalised care); and/or loss of health (e.g., accident, self-harm and/or substance abuse) n = 10 (63%)
Overall challenges as an adult: exposure to domestic violence; loss of parent/s (e.g., death); partner/s (e.g., marital separation/s), and/or child (e.g., custody or running away); and loss of physical health (e.g., emphysema, tumours and severe back problems) n = 11 (69%)
Happy experiences  
  Happy experiences encountered within diversity (e.g., success in school, success in managing adverse early life experiences and/or mental illness, and/or having children that they love) n = 10 (63%)
  Overall okay, happy and/or loving upbringing and home n = 3 (19%)
Adverse experiences  
  Abuse and/or neglect n = 8 (50%)
  Parental loss n = 8 (50%)
  Physical health challenges n = 8 (50%)
  Child loss n = 7 (44%)
  Unhappy and/or unsafe home n = 7 (44%)
  Institutionalised care n = 5 (31%)