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Table 1 Description of data documents provided by three data sources

From: A qualitative exploration of the recovery experiences of consumers who had undertaken shared management, person-centred and self-directed services

Data sources Types of de-identified data documents Description of information
Independent evaluator Consumer interview (past** and current*** experiences) reports Consumers’ interview data (e.g., questions, responses, and summarising) of reflections since undertaking the SPS service were collated into three full and summary reports
Evaluator assessing the PCP* component of SPS services (data compiled in the past on consumers’ past and current experiences)
PCP evaluation reports Evaluation reports provided to the organisation reflecting the evaluators’ interpretation of consumers’ and staffs’ data in relation to their undertaking of the PCP component of the SPS service
Staff interviews (past and current experiences) Staffs’ interview data collated into reports based on the Guides’ and other staffs’ reflections
The guides Personal learning (past experiences) The Guides’ reflections on their learning of service administration and process (e.g., how best to support consumers to enable their achievement of recovery goals and self-direction)
Staff who supported consumers through shared management and person-centred relationships across all phases of the SPS service. Data (documented in the past) related to the consumers’ progress and program implementation experiences in the past (retrospective) and at that time (current)
Organisational reports (past and current experiences) Reports provided to key organisational stakeholders at irregular meetings on the progress of the consumers
Reflections on consumers (past and current experiences) Guides’ reflections on what was done; what worked; what could improve and the next steps in relation to consumers’ achievement of recovery goals and self-direction completed up to 4-7 times per group
Reflections on the services (past and current experiences) Reflections on what was done; what worked; what could improve and the next steps in relation to their administration of services to support consumers through the SPS service
Speeches (past and current experiences) Speeches prepared and presented by the Guides for reunion events that captured the Guides’ experiences working with the participants and the SPS service
Consumers Action plans (current experiences) Fine-tuned from consumers’ dreams identified during PCP process. These defined their recovery goals including: change they wanted to achieve; the first steps they need to take; who they want to work with; when they want to take the first steps; and the costs that will be involved. Recovery goals on any action plan ranged from 4 - 10
Consumers who undertook SPS services in three groups of 5 – 6 members about six months apart, over a total period of 16 months. Data (documented in the past) related to consumers’ experiences in the past (retrospective) and at that time (current)
Most important changes (MIC) in my life questionnaire (current experiences) Open and closed ended questions forms that were completed for the independent evaluator by consumers 1- 4 times per group whilst undertaking SPS services. Described at that time: their mental health and life experiences; and what would support or be a barrier to their recovery journey
Recovery questionnaire (past and current experiences) A short open and closed ended questioned form completed for the organisation by consumers that described: their history; people and factors that may help them on their recovery journey; who they do not want involved in their recovery; signs when they know they are becoming unwell; and actions they can take to help themselves if they became or would prevent them from becoming unwell
  Speeches (past and current experiences) A presentation developed by consumers describing their life experiences including challenges, changes, outcomes and benefits since undertaking the SPS service
  1. *PCP – person centred planning| **past experience– retrospective data |*** current experience – occurring at the time of data collection.