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Table 4 Correlations between social indicators and trait anxiety score of Chinese military, weighted for sample size, 1991–2011

From: Changes of anxiety in Chinese military personnels over time: a cross-temporal meta-analysis

Social indicators 5 years prior Actual year
Economic conditions   
Unemployment rate -0.17 0.45***
Military expenditure -0.15 0.06
Overall threat   
Crime rate 0.01 0.70***
Per capita health expenditure -0.09 0.03
PRSSG 0.05 0.46***
Social connectedness   
Divorce rate -0.23 0.11
Z total -0.15 0.68***
  1. Note: PRSSG = Promotion Rate of Senior School Graduates; Z total was a combined Z score of all the social indicators; n varies from 38 to 53 because of missing value of social indicators for some years; ***p < 0.001.