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Table 2 Focus group questions

From: The sustainability of an Australian initiative designed to improve interdisciplinary collaboration in mental health care

  Mental health professionals MHPN staff
Duration 60-90 minutes 90 minutes
Questions What is your profession? Are mental health professionals seeking ongoing networks?
How many MHPN workshops and networks have you attended? How are ongoing networks being coordinated and who is involved?
What has your experience been of interacting with other mental health professionals? What are the barriers to ongoing networks?
How well have MHPN workshops facilitated interdisciplinary collaboration? What are the enablers of ongoing networks?
How have MHPN workshops provided opportunities to build interdisciplinary networks? Describe the best example of an ongoing network.
Has attending a MHPN workshop had an impact on your practice and client outcomes?  
How could the MHPN better engage health professionals who are less likely be involved in networking activities?  
  How do the MHPN aims for interdisciplinary collaboration and networking match with your needs?