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Table 5 The most frequently used diagnoses in GP contacts related to substance misuse or mental illness

From: How Norwegian casualty clinics handle contacts related to mental illness: A prospective observational study

Substance misuse (n = 299) Mental illness (n = 365) Mental illness/substance misuse (n = 203)
ICPC-code % ICPC-code % ICPC-code %
P16 Acute alcohol abuse 14.4 P76 Depressive disorder 8.8 A84 Poisoning by medical agent 11.8
S18 Laceration or cut 12.0 P74 Anxiety disorder/anxiety state 7.7 P19 Drug abuse 9.4
P19 Drug abuse 10.0 P99 Other psychological disorders 7.1 P99 Other psychological disorders 8.4
N79 Concussion 5.7 P27 Fear of mental disorder 5.5 P15 Chronic alcohol abuse 7.9
A99 Unspecified general disease 5.4 P77 Suicide or suicide attempt 5.5 P76 Depressive disorder 7.9
D01 Abdominal pain 4.3 A84 Poisoning by medical agent 4.7 P16 Acute alcohol abuse 6.4
N80 Head injury other 4.0 P02 Acute stress reaction 4.4 P74 Anxiety disorder/anxiety state 6.4
P15 Chronic alcohol abuse 3.7 P73 Affective psychosis 4.4 P98 Psychosis unspecified 5.9
A11 Chest pain 2.3 P98 Psychosis unspecified 4.4 P77 Suicide or suicide attempt 4.9
L76 Sprain/strain of joint 2.3 P72 Schizophrenia 3.8 P02 Acute stress reaction 4.4
L18 Musculoskeletal injury 2.3 A11 Chest pain 3.6 P29 Unspecified psychological symptom 3.4
  All other diagnoses 61.2   All other diagnoses 66.0   All other diagnoses 57.6
  1. The 11 most commonly used ICPC-2 diagnoses at the casualty clinics for patients presenting problems judged by GPs to be related to mental illness or substance misuse. The columns add to more than 100% because patients were given up to four diagnoses.