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Table 4 The core components of shared care models for severe and/or persistent mental disorders (contd)

From: Shared care in mental illness: A rapid review to inform implementation

  Harrison-Read 2002 Lester 2003 ACCESS Rosenheck 2002 Rosenheck 2003 van Orden 2009 Warner 2000
Process of care Enhanced Community Management/Assertive Community Treatment Patient-held record Integration of service systems with outreach and case management Housing + Intensive Case Management Collaborative care involving access to a mental health worker in primary care Shared care record
Condition "Heavy users" of psychiatric services Schizophrenia SMI and associated co-morbidities + homelessness Psychiatric and/or substance abuse disorders Mental disorder (not described) Long term mental illness- psychosis, personality disorder or other condition requiring long term supervision
Length of follow-up 2 years 1 year 5 years 1 year 1 year 1 year
Screening no no yes unclear yes Patients selected at hospital discharge
Additional training for staff unclear yes - in use of the record yes - inter-agency yes - with written materials   no
Treatment algorithm unclear no unclear no   no
Formal stepped care unclear no unclear no   no
Enhanced communication between health providers yes yes - shared care record and flagging of patient records in both general practice and specialist settings yes yes - inter-agency agreement yes yes - shared care record linked to other communication processes
Care management location community general practice and community community community general practice/primary care general practice and community
Patient education/self management unclear no unclear no yes - CBT no -instruction on use of the booklet only
Case management yes unclear yes yes ? unclear
Specialist supervision yes unclear yes unclear yes unclear
Care coordination yes unclear yes yes no - referral only unclear
Follow up provided to patient unclear unclear yes unclear unclear unclear
Crisis support no unclear unclear yes unclear unclear
Standardised outcome measure yes yes yes yes yes yes