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Table 1 Apprenticeship Models

From: Building capacity in mental health interventions in low resource countries: an apprenticeship model for training local providers

Other Apprenticeship Models Components specific to Apprenticeship in Mental Health Intervention Provision
A) Selection of apprentices who demonstrate interest and aptitude for the profession ▪ Selection of lay counselors ▪ Selection of supervisors
B) Coursework/training ▪ Initial on-site training in the intervention for counselors and supervisors ▪ Supervisor-specific training
C) Application of knowledge "on the job" under direct supervision and coaching ▪ Practice groups with local supervision and trainer consultation ▪ Supervision groups, close supervision of limited cases by local supervisor (and trainer consultation)
D) Ongoing expansion of knowledge and skills under supervision ▪ Supervisors: additional coaching on supervision techniques by trainers ▪ Counselors: Supervision groups for expanded number of cases ▪ Balancing fidelity and flexibility ▪ Supervisor monitoring of counselors' fidelity: self-report and observation of sessions.
E) Mutual problem solving by trainer and apprentice(s) ▪ Throughout all steps to account for cross-cultural nature.