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Table 1 Summary of Barriers to Compliance with Standard for Community Advisory Body

From: Identifying barriers to mental health system improvements: an examination of community participation in assertive community treatment programs

Categories and Sub-categories Number of Comments (% of total) Selected Sample Comments
(R = Respondent Id. No.)
External Issues:
• Lack of support from sponsoring agency
• Rely on external organization to meet standard
64 (39%) Support from the sponsoring agency is required.(R14)
We need direction from the (sponsoring) agency to say we have to have one. Don't have one that's necessarily specific to the program.(R32)
There was a community advisory body, and that has been disbanded. Sponsoring agency is transitioning and the community advisory is falling to the wayside.(R45)
Host organization has a number of advisory bodies who all function in an advisory capacity for mental health services ... didn't create another just for ACT.(R60)
There have to be ways to meet the standards and there needs to be funding... we are losing our ability to do the rehab portion.(R30)
Advisory Board meets irregularly... lack of direction and goals.(R49)
Standard Related issues:
• Standard is not a top priority
• Standard is unnecessary or unimportant
• Standard should be modified
48 (29%) The community advisory board was disbanded.(R1)
Hospital has one, not specific to ACT. I don't think we need one.(R17)
We have a committee... it is the bane of my existence. We struggled with their mandate... role of sharing information between teams... three teams share one advisory committee. It doesn't work.(RT52)
The standard is written for small community agencies, not large corporate hospitals.(R27)
The body became the Mental Health Advocacy Committee from the Consumer Advocacy Committee... not sure if it fits the mandate.(R16)
Organizational Issues:
• Process issues
• Structural issues
• Lack of motivation
• Issues with unions
42 (25%) Persons on community advisory boards are not permanent. Within a year they are off and doing something else.(R4)
Our community advisory group does not report to our hospital board but they are in communication with the Ministry of Health.(R64)
Advisory body meets irregularly...lack of direction and goals. Being reviewed and reassessed.(R49)
Not getting around to it.(R58)
There is no way my Community Advisory Body has the ear of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is not interested in that micro-level. They are more concerned with building million dollar wings. The Community Advisory Body sees the goals of the budget, but not the details. They don't have the authority to promote fidelity to the model. They're involved with advocacy issues.(R27)
Problems with quorum...lack of clear roles and responsibility for Advisory Board.(R42)
Other Issues;
• Client related,
• Human resources
• Communications
11 (7%) Advisory body in place...information is not provided for which they could provide full advisory function. (R47)
Commitment required from staff to meet the standards. Need to look at teams, geography, and what they are doing. Some clients don't want to be seen as often or be involved in planning.(R36)
TOTAL 165 (100%)