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Table 1 Items in the PTSD-RI symptom section

From: Validation of the UCLA Child Post traumatic stress disorder-reaction index in Zambia

Original Items Locally Specific Items
1. I watch out for danger or things that I am afraid of. 1. I cry
2. When something reminds me of what happened, I get very upset, afraid or sad. 2. I think too much
3. I have upsetting thoughts, pictures, or sounds of what happened come into my mind when I do not want them to. 3. I have stopped going to school because I think I will be laughed at or teased
4. I feel grouchy, angry or mad. 4. I feel used
5. I have dreams about what happened or other bad dreams. 5. I do not look like myself
6. I feel like I am back at the time when the bad thing happened, living through it again. 6. I am reserved. I cannot open up.
7. I feel like staying by myself and not being with my friends. 7. I am damaged psychologically.
8. I feel alone inside and not close to other people. 8. I feel rejected, like everyone is against me.
9. I try not to talk about, think about, or have feelings about what happened. 9. I feel shy.
10. I have trouble feeling happiness or love. 10. I sleep too much.
11. I have trouble feeling sadness or anger. 11. I do not feel at ease.
12. I feel jumpy or startle easily, like when I hear a loud noise or when something surprises me. 12. I do not feel free.
13. I have trouble going to sleep or I wake up often during the night. 13. I am surprised.
14. I think that some part of what happened is my fault. 14. I am ever quiet
15. I have trouble remembering important parts of what happened. 15. I am unhappy or sad
16. I have trouble concentrating or paying attention. 16. I am nervous.
17. I try to stay away from people, places, or things that make me remember what happened. 17. I have an unsettled mind, no peace of mind.
18. When something reminds me of what happened, I have strong feelings in my body like my heart beats fast, my head aches, or my stomach aches. 18. I run if I see the abuser
19. I think that I will not live a long life.  
20. I am afraid that the bad thing will happen again.