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Table 1 Participants

From: Collaboration between general practitioners and mental health care professionals: a qualitative study

Group no. No. of participants (no. invited) Location Participants profession Level of care
1 5 (6) GPs rural GPs Primary
2 5 (6) GPs town GPs Primary
3 6 (8) Municipal psychiatric service Specialist nurses in psychiatry Primary
4 3 (4) Outpatient clinic Specialist nurses in psychiatry Specialist
5 3 (3) Acute ward Specialist nurses in psychiatry Specialist
6 6 (14) Acute ward Physicians on call Specialist
  1. The table shows group number, number of participants, number of participants invited (in brackets), location, participants' profession and level of care. Group number 1 and 2 consisted of a total of 5 different participants, and met twice with 4 participants in each focus group. Over all 28 different participants participated.