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Table 1 Documents included in the Spanish mental health indicator knowledge base developed by GClin-SEP.

From: A preliminary taxonomy and a standard knowledge base for mental-health system indicators in Spain

Ambit (levels) Field Year link
Assesment Instrument for Mental Health Sytems - WHO-AIMS Mental health 2005
Multi-country Survey Study on Health and Health's Systems Responsiveness - WHO Responsiveness General health 2005
Health Care Quality Indicator - OCDE Mental health 2004
Policies and practices for mental health in Europe - WHO Europe Mental health 2008
European Community Health Indicators Monitoring - ECHIM General health 2008
European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies General health 2008
Mental Health Information and Determinants for the European Level- MINDFUL (Stakes) Mental health 2006
Mental Health Economics European Network - MHEEN Mental health 2008
Key Indicators in the National Health System - INCLASNS-DB General health 2007
The National Health System Mental- Health Strategy Mental health 2007
Atlas of Variations in Medical Practice in the National Health System - Atlas VPM General health 2008
Mental Health Observatory AEN Mental health 2005
Scientific Association PSICOST Mental health 2003
Regional (Autonomous Communities)
Mental Health Plan of Catalonia Mental health 2006