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Table 3 Reactions observed amongst the 64 women evaluated with the Trauma Screening Questionnaire, June 2004, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

From: Evaluation of psychological support for victims of sexual violence in a conflict setting: results from Brazzaville, Congo

  Presence of reaction
  n %
Re-experiencing symptoms   
Upsetting thoughts or memories about the event that have come into your mind against your will 26 40.6
Upsetting dreams about the event 5 7.8
Acting or feeling as though the event were happening again 1 1.6
Feeling upset by reminders of the event 17 26.6
Bodily reaction when reminded of the event 5 7.8
Arousal symptoms   
Difficulty falling or staying asleep 17 26.6
Irritability or outbursts of anger 24 37.5
Difficulty concentrating 10 15.9
Heightened awareness of potential dangers to yourself or others 28 43.8
Being jumpy or being startled at something unexpected 0 0.0