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Table 2 Classification of the services used for analysis for 12 month treatment.

From: Health services utilization by school going Omani adolescents and youths with DSM IV mental disorders and barriers to service use

Service Includes
Other mental healthcare Counselors/Social worker in mental health setting/Psychologists/other mental health professionals
Any mental healthcare Other mental healthcare + Psychiatrist
Any Healthcare Any mental healthcare + General Medical(family doctor or other medical doctor)
Human services Spiritual advisor
Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) Healer/Chiropractor etc
Any Non Healthcare Human services + CAM
Any Treatment* Combines Any Healthcare and Any Non-Healthcare*
  1. *Any Treatment is NOT addition of any healthcare and any non-healthcare. It means that did the respondent see any professional from these categories in his/her lifetime and/or past 12 months and/or how many visits were made over past 12 months.