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Table 5 Examples illustrating improvements in mental health first aid responses from pre- to post-test

From: Evaluation of Mental Health First Aid training with members of the Vietnamese community in Melbourne, Australia

Pre-test response Post-test response
Participant #5, Female, Depression vignette
Talk to him, let him know that you're concerned and that you'd like to help out some way A ssess risk of suicide/harm - talk to him and find out whether he has been having suicidal thoughts. Better to ask directly than not to. L isten non-judgmentally - don't give advice or tell him to cheer up, acknowledge he is feeling down. G ive reassurance/info. E ncourage him to seek professional help (perhaps go with him to a counsellor). E ncourage self-help strategies - perhaps buy him a book? [ALGEE].
Participant #5, Female, Chronic schizophrenia vignette
Perhaps take him to a professional? I couldn't deal with it by myself, but I agree he needs help. Assess the risk of suicide/self-harm. Talk to Tim and try to gather as much information about his delusions and hallucinations whilst listening non judgmentally. Acknowledge that they are real for Tim but not for you. Give reassurance and information. Let him know that he can be safe with some professional help and that you'd like to help. Comply with any reasonable requests, don't joke about his delusions because they're very real to him. Keep him in your trust. Make him feel comfortable in your presence. Seek professional help.
Participant #33, Female, Chronic schizophrenia vignette
Come to his place and find out find out what has happened before Peter behaved that way; talk to Peter as well, see if he is able to explain/express what he is feeling See if he is at risk to himself/others; talk to him, listen non-judgementally; encourage to seek some professional care
Participant #36, Female, Early schizophrenia vignette
I will talk to him and encourage him to see a specialist but I won't let him know the specialist is a psychiatrist. I will have to use his imagination to create a story to make him feel I have the same problem. We will go to see the police or CIA, etc; summary: talk along with his imagination Encourage to see appropriate medical practitioner; to be with him or asking someone to be with him; talk to him.
Participant #56, Male, Depression with suicidal thoughts vignette
I would advise him should be go out for relay as the beach. Have conversation with John to find & assess risk of suicidality, listen, give assurance, encourage John to see a specialist or find out who could provide effective treatment
Participant #101, Male, Depression vignette
Strongly recommend Mark to see family doctor; refer Mark to local Mental Health service (even against Mark's will); I will follow 5 steps of Mental Health first aid: a) assessing Mark's suicide risk; b) listening to Mark without judging, make sure someone stays wit Mark to protect his safety; c) reassuring Mark and provide information to Mark; d) recommending Mark to seekhelp fromGP or from local mental Health service, refer Mark to local crisis act team; e)continue to support Mark and his parents