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Table 3 Mental health provisions in the general health law (Law #23) of 1992 (Chapter 7)

From: Human rights of persons with mental illness in Indonesia: more than legislation is needed

Chapter 7, Law #23 (Health)
Article 24 1. Mental health are granted to achieve optimal, intelectual and emotional mental health state
  2. Mental health activities include maintaining and improving mental health, prevention and management of psychosocial problems and mental disorders, treatment and rehabiitation of mental disorders.
  3. Activities on Mental health are carried out by individual, family, school, work place, community members, and are supported by mental health services and other facilities.
Article 25 1. Government provides treatment and hospitalization, and gives support to the person who has recovered to return to the community.
  2. Government encourages, supports and supervises community activities on the prevention and intervention of psychosocial problems and mental disorders, and recovery process of the person with mental disorder to return to the comunity
Article 26 1. Persons with mental disorder who are considered dangerous and disturb the community have to be treated and hospitalized in the mental health service facilities or in other health services.
  2. Treatment and hospitalization of person with mental health problems could be requested by husband or wife or the guardian or other family members or by person who is responsible for local security, or by court if the detainee has mental disorder.
Article 27 1. Goverment will provide a presidential decree for other regulations and the management of mental health.