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Table 3 Visit pertinence and urgency per site and site characteristics.

From: A qualitative study of a psychiatric emergency

  P/U P/NU NP/NU Visits DHa 1st Eb S&Pc ACTd PBDe CTf CCg DCh ESi
A 42% 35% 22% 7,324 1 N N N N Y Y ≥ 5 ≥ 5
B 34% 53% 13% 5,407 3 Y Y Y Y Y Y ≥ 5 ≥ 5
C 78% 15% 6% 3,109 1 N N Y N Y N < 5 < 5
D 81% 12% 7% 6,280 1 N N Y Y N N ≥ 5 ≤ 5
  1. a DH, the number of day hospitals the PES has access to.
  2. b 1st E, a first episode psychosis team that rapidly evaluates patients while in the PES.
  3. c S&P, a severe and persistent psychosis treatment team that evaluates patients while in the PES.
  4. d ACT, assertive community treatment team that evaluates patients while in the PES.
  5. e PBD, a specialized outpatient clinic for severe borderline personality disorders in the hospital.
  6. f CT, an in hospital crisis team that rapidly (7 to 14 days) evaluate patients referred from the PES.
  7. g CC, community based crisis center with inpatient beds that rapidly evaluate patients while still in the PES.
  8. h DC, the number of and, access to, substance abuse treatment centers.
  9. i ES, the number of emergency shelters for short (days) to medium (months) term stays.