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Table 2 Actions at national level

From: Reducing stigma and discrimination: Candidate interventions

Action By
• Use a social model of disability that refers to human rights, social inclusion and citizenship • Governments and non governmental organisations (NGOs) to change core concepts
• Apply the anti-discrimination laws to give parity to people with physical and mental disabilities • Parliament and government
• Inform all employers of their legal obligations under these laws • Ministry of Employment or equivalent
• Interpret anti-discrimination laws in relation to mental illness • Judiciary and legal profession
• Establish service user speakers' bureaux to offer content to news stories and features on mental illness • NGOs and other national level service user groups
• Provide and evaluate media watch response units to press for balanced coverage • Statutory funding for NGOs to provide media watch teams
• Share between countries the experience of disability discrimination acts • Legislators, lawyers, advocates and consumer groups
• Understand and implement international legal obligations under binding declarations and covenants • NGOs to communicate legal obligations of all stakeholders and health and social care inspection agencies to audit how far these obligations are respected in practice
• Audit compliance with codes of good practice in providing insurance • Associations of Insurers with Service User organisations and mental health NGOs
• Providing economic incentives rather than disincentives to disabled people ready to return to work • Employment Ministries to introduce new and flexible arrangements for disabled people to work with no risk to their income
• Change laws to allow people with a history of mental illness to serve on juries with a presumption of competence • Justice ministries to amend the laws relating to jury service