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Table 1 Actions at local level

From: Reducing stigma and discrimination: Candidate interventions

Action By
• Introduction supported work schemes • Mental health services with specialist independent sector provider
• Psychological treatments to improve cognition, self-esteem and confidence • Mental health and general health service
• Health and social care explicitly give credit to applicants with a history of mental illness when hiring staff • Health and social care agencies
• Provision of reasonable adjustments/accommodations at work • Mental health providers engaging with employers and business confederation
• Inform employers of their legal obligations under disability laws • Employers' confederation
• Deliver and evaluate the widespread implementation of targeted interventions with targeted groups, including school children, police and healthcare staff • Education, police and health commissioning and provider authorities
• Provide accurate data on mental illness recovery rates to mental health practitioners • Professional training and accreditation organisations
• Implementation of measures to support care plans negotiated between staff and consumers • Mental health provider organisations and consumer groups