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Table 1 Climate change: What you can do. Australian Psychological Society

From: Hope, despair and transformation: Climate change and the promotion of mental health and wellbeing

'Although environmental threats are real and can be frightening, remaining in a state of heightened distress is not helpful for ourselves or for others. We generally cope better, and are more effective at making changes, when we are calm and rational.'

• Be optimistic about the future

• Remind yourself there is a lot you can personally do

• Change your own behaviour

• Become informed about problems and solutions

• Do things in easy stages

• Identify things that might get in the way of doing things differently

• Cue yourself

• Look after yourself!

• Invite others to change

• Talk with others about environmental problems

• Present clear but not overwhelming information, and offer solutions

• Talk about changes that you are making in your own life

• Share your difficulties and rewards

• Be assertive, not aggressive

• Congratulate people for being environmentally concerned

• Model the behaviours that you want others do do' [58]