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Table 6 Essential psychosocial interventions

From: Collective trauma in northern Sri Lanka: a qualitative psychosocial-ecological study

Individual Family Social
Case identification Psycho education Awareness
Psycho education Family counselling Training
Counselling Strengthening the family dynamics e.g. Talking and eating together Intervention for special groups (children, widows, widower, youths etc)
Other Psychotherapy Family Reunification Encourage to do religious and ritual activities
Yoga and Relaxation Social support Encourage to do cultural activities
Family & social support Capacity Building and Income generation Forming and reactivating CBO's.
Referral and net work Follow up Re-establishing relationships, social networks
Capacity Building and Income generation   Network with other NGOs
Rehabilitation   Encouraging networking with other communities.
Follow up   Follow up
  1. -Vijayashankar, PSW Trainer, Shantiaham